9 Inch Mid-Length Free Float Handguard Quad Rail for the AR-15 (E1 Series)

9 Inch Free Float Handguard Quad Rail for the AR-15

The Superior Weapons Systems rifle length free float tube is manufactured for the AR-15. This product is machined from an extrusion. The rails are to military specifications Mil-std-1913. T numbers on all rails.

Price: $251.00$310.00 + $16.00 S/H to lower 48 states.

Special Note: 15% restocking fee on returns/cancellations.

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Overall Length: 9.28"

Weight: 12.1 oz.


Free float tube provides a continuous top rail

Slots on the rail can be timed to slots on the receiver

Unique mounting system

Hardware Included:

Free Float Tube

Barrel nut wrench

Barrel nut (threaded portion) (2)

(6) Cap socket head screws

Download E1 Series Installation Instructions




Our hand guard rails are machined to the high side of tolerance and there are some items that it will not fit.

Our rails are not suitable for .936 diameter barrels due to the small inside diameter.